“Well, they taste sweet, but really they’re just humiliated grapes.”
– Benny & Joon (1993)

That may appear to be so, but I prefer to think of raisins as grapes with a purpose.

As counseling student and novice cook, I have a lot of questions not only about the nutritional functions of food and the mechanics of producing digestible meals through cooking, but also about cultural influences on diet, the social importance of sharing meals, and the relationships between eating habits and mental and physical health.

This blog is the medium through which I have begun to think  about my daily experience of cooking, eating, and digesting through the lens of psychology. I enjoy using this space to comment on, synthesize, and apply psychological research that relates to the experience of food through personal anecdotes and recipes from my very own kitchen.

I gather I have a tough audience to persuade regarding the raisin argument in particular. Dorothy Parker, a poet and critic, once evaluated, “This wasn’t just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it.”

I will proceed encouraged by the fact that at least she conceded raisins are fancy.

For more about me, check out The Cooking Counselor.
For more about various food psychology topics, see The Kitchen Unconscious.
For more about my kitchen principles, read The Supper Superego.
For a recipe archieve, view The Conscious Cookbook.

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  1. Jim Wesp

    March 6, 2011

    Raisins are wonderful . . . in oatmeal . . . . in bread . . . . in all kinds of sweet bakery, but not in chocolate cherry cake. I will be interested to follow your blog combining cooking and psychology.


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