The Cooking Counselor

My name is Jennifer. I am a graduate student in mental health counseling and the voice behind Raisin Questions.

I was born and raised in the Midwest in a family of five daughters. I moved to the East coast to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology and start life with my wonderful husband, whom I met while studying abroad in Ghana as a high school exchange student.

In addition to cooking in my multicultural kitchen,  I am an avid reader, aspiring runner, and Pinterest enthusiast.

Email me at raisinquestions(at)gmail(dot)com
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For more about why I started this blog, check out the About page.
For more about various food psychology topics, see The Kitchen Unconscious.
For more about my kitchen principles, read The Supper Superego.
For a recipe archieve, view The Conscious Cookbook.

4 Responses “The Cooking Counselor” →
  1. Great to know there’s a fellow New Yorker in the Blog Brunch mix! Can’t wait to keep up with your recipes and tips!


  2. Thanks for posting a comment on our Psychology in Action blog! I think the psychology of food and cooking is great and understudied topic! Especially as it relates to cultural differences and child development.

    • Hi Alexandra, I agree! I have been exploring those topics a lot, and I am also beginning to see how important the link between nutrition and mental health really is! I will continue to read Psychology in Action. Hope to learn and share more!


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