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Is it gratifying to cook Coconut Oats?

March 30, 2012


Some people love to cook. It is their go-to task, the thing they do to relax, the thing that brings them real joy at the  end of the day.  Trying to discover the source of that inherent, “joy of cooking” is one of the goals I had in mind as I began to explore the psychology of […]

Does Blackberry Pear Crisp qualify for the American food revolution?

March 27, 2011


Is it just me, or is everyone talking about food? Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is much talked about, along with Michelle Obama’s White House garden and crusade to improve school lunchs. Obesity is a number one health issue, and with the series of Hollywood movies berating the American “fast food” culture (Super Size Me (2004), Fast Food Nation (2006), Food Inc. (2008), etc.), […]