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Can you curb emotional eating during the holidays and enjoy a slice of Gingerbread?

December 5, 2012


I started up Spotify’s Ultimate Holiday Playlist, danced to the kitchen, and hummed above the noise of the mixer. It’s early December, and I have been craving holiday spirit. And my attempts to satisfy that craving have all involved sugar. Cookies, pie, gingerbread. Emotional eating occurs throughout the year for many people and is characterized […]

Did I share these Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

May 30, 2012


I have been very busy in the kitchen lately. This is not new. A food blogger is almost always caught with her arms full in the kitchen… stirring with one arm, chopping with another, and pushing a camera shutter with the third. Oh, wait… It takes a lot of organization and I suppose some spur […]

What do Fish Cakes have to do with mental health?

May 16, 2012


Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right and you can’t even imagine opening the refrigerator door to start preparing dinner? Have you ever gorged on frozen carboard pizza, cut into a greasy fast food burger, or finished off every last cookie in the house while brooding over a bad day? Have you ever […]

Is it time for Pasta Primavera?

April 20, 2012


I think it is time! I am still working on being more mindful in the daily celebration of my meals, and what better way than to pay more attention to the seasons and the bounty of produce the one upon us now signals. Positive psychologists have identified mindfulness as one of the ways by which we […]

Want to celebrate with Fruited Jam Grilled Cheese?

April 12, 2012


Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Yes, there is a holiday day for grilled cheese. Some people think the mindless ascription of special commemorations to random days of the year is silly. Certainly it is silly, but I think aside from just being fun, the sentiment behind the celebration makes up for some of the useless wackiness. […]

Is it gratifying to cook Coconut Oats?

March 30, 2012


Some people love to cook. It is their go-to task, the thing they do to relax, the thing that brings them real joy at the  end of the day.  Trying to discover the source of that inherent, “joy of cooking” is one of the goals I had in mind as I began to explore the psychology of […]

Do you have a Coffee Cake habit?

March 13, 2012


Do you drink coffee every morning at 7am on the dot? Is it worse that I eat a slice coffee cake with as much regularity…perhaps even more often than I drink a cup of coffee? In the past few weeks, I have been hearing a lot about the new book The Power of Habit, written […]