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What do Fish Cakes have to do with mental health?

May 16, 2012


Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right and you can’t even imagine opening the refrigerator door to start preparing dinner? Have you ever gorged on frozen carboard pizza, cut into a greasy fast food burger, or finished off every last cookie in the house while brooding over a bad day? Have you ever […]

Is it time for Pasta Primavera?

April 20, 2012


I think it is time! I am still working on being more mindful in the daily celebration of my meals, and what better way than to pay more attention to the seasons and the bounty of produce the one upon us now signals. Positive psychologists have identified mindfulness as one of the ways by which we […]

Want to celebrate with Fruited Jam Grilled Cheese?

April 12, 2012


Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Yes, there is a holiday day for grilled cheese. Some people think the mindless ascription of special commemorations to random days of the year is silly. Certainly it is silly, but I think aside from just being fun, the sentiment behind the celebration makes up for some of the useless wackiness. […]

In search of an authentic Caldo Verde?

February 23, 2012


What defines authentic cuisine? Why is an authentic recipe always the most sought after? Who verifies whether a dish is authentic or not? I continue to make an effort to prepare authentic Ghanaian food for my husband. I know what the authentic food tastes like. I use all the same ingredients that go into the authentic […]

What’s there to decide about Cinnamon Rolls?

February 14, 2012


I made a decision earlier this year. A new year’s resolution in fact: to learn how to work with yeast. So far, I have made pizza dough, naan, and these here cinnamon rolls. I’m doing pretty good! I realized though the decision to follow through on such a resolution has required me to make a […]

How about a side of empowerment with that Thanksgiving meal?

November 23, 2011


I was reading yesterday about a theory called Health Self Empowerment (outlined in Chapter 40 of this book). This is a health psychology framework for health promotion particularly designed to target cultural health disparities. In applying this theory, counselors seek to motivate sustained health change by encouraging positivity about progress at every small step along the way toward an implementable health […]

Are those cow feet going into your Light Soup?

November 3, 2011


Yes, yes they are. They make for a delicious soup! Light soup with fufu is a standard meal in Ghana. Fufu is a big dumpling, made with pounded yam and cassava. Here I am learning to pound fufu with my host mom when I was an exchange student.   As you see it’s a somewhat dangerous […]