Want to celebrate with Fruited Jam Grilled Cheese?

Posted on April 12, 2012


Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

Yes, there is a holiday day for grilled cheese. Some people think the mindless ascription of special commemorations to random days of the year is silly. Certainly it is silly, but I think aside from just being fun, the sentiment behind the celebration makes up for some of the useless wackiness. At least when it comes to grilled cheese.

One of the important things that seems to be easy for me to forget while engaged in  chomping and chewing and chowing is that eating is simply wonderful!!!

Every food put on the table might just deserve to be celebrated, for reason of being thankful for the privilege of having a meal or three or six per day, for point of being appreciative of those who prepared the dish, for purpose of being happy to share it with beloved dinner companions. But most importantly, because it just tastes SOOO good!

I give three cheers for grilled cheese today simply because the practice of eating mindfully — a practice noted by positive psychologists to increase positive emotions and appreciation for the present moment and in turn overall personal well-being — is not something I practice enough. Sometimes I can finish dinner in less than 10 minutes, for goodness sake.

So I sat down with my grilled cheese this afternoon and minded it. I refused to start the usual lunchtime-at-my-desk routine of random Google searching, email checking, Twitter watching, and Pinterest browsing. (It was hard.)

But instead, I got to really enjoy my lunch, its butter crunching crust, its sweet tangy fruit filling, and warm gooey cheese oozing out the sides. Instead, I thought about the work I put into making those jars of apricot jam last year, and I realized how glad I am that I did not give up after my first big jam disaster. Instead, I thought about the bread, how I made that bread — my first big bread baking success! — when I was feeling bored and antsy yesterday afternoon, and I realized that whenever I get on someone’s nerves, they should just tell me to “go knead a loaf of bread!”

(And there is a rude someone I spoke with on the phone today to whom I would have liked to say exactly that!)

And then they should remind me to make myself a lunch of grilled cheese and jam.

(I would make that person a sandwich, too, if it put her in a better mood!)

Fruit and cheese belong together, people.

(And so does your job and common courtesy.)

Fruited Jam Grilled Cheese
with Munster and Apricot Jam

2 thick slices farmhouse white bread
4 slices Munster cheese
1 tablespoon apricot jam

Heat a skillet over medium low heat. Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place one slice, butter-side-down, on the heated skillet. Top with cheese. Spread jam on un-buttered side of other piece of bread. Then lay jam-side-down on top of cheese. Cook until underside is browned and cheese begins to melt, then flip until other side is browned and cheese is melted. Enjoy!