What’s growing in the garden in May?

Posted on May 17, 2011


Cilantro! (Still waiting for next door neighbors oregano and basil)


Arugula! And Romaine Lettuce (too tiny to see)!

Still waiting for Jalepeno peppers.

Also waiting for green beans from planted from seeds from friends!

I’m also looking forward to observing the cycles of the backyard fig tree!

We also still have to fill this space next the green beans plot. Any suggestions?

So there’s not too much growing in my garden yet, but it’s a start! I’m a little worried that I might not be getting enough sun since these parts of the yard are kind of shady. I’m still thinking to plant some kale and spinach, but I’m wary tomatoes would not get enough sunshine. Partly-cloudy weather this month might also be a factor, or maybe it’s my soil? I might not be the best judge since this is my first year of gardening (that is, my first successful year, hopefully…), but I’m trying my best under the watchful eye of seasoned gardeners (thank you, husband, neighbors, sisters, and friends!).

Actually, my husband keeps telling me I’m too excited about the garden. He’s afraid I might start overwatering, over-weeding, over-worrying. I’m trying not to go to extremes, but perhaps I am little more enthused than those who have gardened or farmed their whole lives. They’ve done all this before. They’ve put in the work and enjoyed the fruits of the their labors. It happens, so what?

But me? Well, I tried a flower garden once (it did not flower). I’ve had a few houseplants (notice the past tense). This past winter, I tried potted herbs indoors (they did survive one harvesting!), but I’ve never before tried growing my own food in a vegetable garden… And what better time for a little trial and error learning than in a new apartment with landlords who are more than willing to share precious garden real estate in a beautiful backyard!

How could I not be excited? Of course I want to make meals that I can credit not only to my kitchen but to my very own garden! In this way, the idea of gardening is very much connected to what I have mentioned motivates me in the kitchen — a sense of accomplishment and big boost to my self-esteem!

But somehow, gardening takes what I seek in the kitchen a little further, to the very basics of turning nothing into something…which then reverses right back into nothing again, only to arise to glory again the next growing season. It’s the cycle of life!

Right now I’m reading the New York Times best-selling book Women Who Run with the Wolves, which was written by Jungian psychologist Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes some decades back in 1992, but contains folktales and lessons about feminity that seem to be timeless. One is a sense of deep connection to this cycle of life, death, and life so embodied by gardening. So I’m excited, yes… right down the deep roots of my psyche!

How is your garden doing?