How come you didn’t cook that Strawberry Rhubarb Jam?

Posted on May 13, 2011


Ah, yes, good question there from my kitchen savior and forever best foodie friend. She saw my last blog post, and immediately rang me up. “It’s not spoiled,” she said. “That’s what it looks like before you cook it.”

Oh. Good point. How come the recipe didn’t mention that?

Now that’s looking more like jam! My friend also pointed out that fruit pectin is not required, only helpful in thickening the jam further. She also reassured me about not going through the whole canning process, and often times just filling the jars with the hot jam will provide enough heat to vacuum seal the can. In fact, I just heard a seal pop not too long ago! After cooking for about 25 minutes, I came out with four perfect jars of strawberry rhubarb jam.

I have to thank all my friends and family who read my earlier sob story. My mom called me, my grandma emailed me, my sister sent condolences over Gmail chat. And what if I had just crawled under the covers…I never would have known this jam could be saved!

I think my lesson here about “quick and easy” is continued. Taking short cuts is all good, but maybe you have to hold off on taking those short cuts until you know all about the long and hard road. How could I not know that you have to cook the jam?

I admit, it makes me feel kind of silly, and while I could let that subtract more from my self-esteem, I’m instead going to focus on the fact that I’ve got great people around me who are always helping me to become a better me! I’m definitely proud of that!